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Google Classroom


If you have not used Google Classroom before then you can watch this tutorial to see how to create a class and how to add your students to your class to post assignments. You may also send this tutorial to your parents so that they may also see how to enroll their child into the class through Google Classroom.

WebEx Conference Calling Tutorial

WebEx allows you to video chat, or conference call with other staff members or if you would like to hold a conference call with your grade level to go over any lessons or share items they found and want to show it to everyone else then WebEx helps make that possible.


Google Hangouts Tutorial

Google Hangouts is a google add-on where you would be able to interact with individual students or parents over a video call. Google Hangouts should be used ONLY through Google Classroom by posting the link to your Google Hangout video call there. This is not designed for full-class teaching.

How to upload to YouTube

This way if you would like to make a video and send it out to your students through YouTube this tutorial will help show you how to upload your video. Please make sure you use your Ma'ema'e account for YouTube unless you're okay with having these videos posted through your personal account on YouTube. Also you can make these videos unlisted (can only view with the link) to have it so only your students can view the video and not the whole world.

Student Hard Copy Packets

Procedures (Google Docs link)

Shared Folder - Due 4/2 for distribution on 4/6 (Google Drive link, accessible only by GLCs)

Google Calendar


Access school wide and grade level calendars

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 8.16.55 AM.png

LEI Kulia

If signed in with DOE Gmail please use SSO sign in to view student data.

Infinite Campus

Do attendance and grades

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